Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Kids


There’s no denying that today’s world is far more challenging and competitive than how it was a few decades back. Life today is surely hectic, and this particularly holds true for the parents of young children, who also have to take care of their work and personal commitments so as to ensure a decent lifestyle for their family. But in the bid to work and earn more, many parents find it hard to spend quality time with their children.


By quality time, we don’t mean the time you spend with your kids while watching television or while getting them to school. Quality time is when you pay undivided attention to your little ones and enjoy some happy moments together. It could be merely half an hour a day, but trust us, even this short span of time can benefit your children in multiple ways. So, in this blog today, we at Gurukul The School, the best school in ghaziabad, would like to share with you our thoughts on why spending quality time with children is important for parents. We will discuss the various benefits it lends to kids and look at some of the ways you can try out to ensure that your kids get their share of much-deserved time from you. Read on.


4 Ways Parent-Child Bonding Time Benefits the Kids


  • Enhances the self-esteem of kids

When parents and children spend some quality time with each other, it eventually caters to developing in those tender minds a more positive image of self. It gives children the impression that their parents love them and care about them. This helps them feel more optimistic and confident about themselves and thereby aids in enhancing their self-esteem.


  • Aids in the development of communication skills

When you regularly converse with your kids, it not only makes them feel heard but also encourages them to share their views and emotions with you. In the process, they learn to pick up new phrases and methods to express themselves. This will help enhance their vocabulary and have better language skills.

  •       It strengthens the bonds within the family

Families that participate in daily activities together are said to develop deep emotional connections among the members. Several studies have shown that parents who spend more time with their children have a deeper emotional connection with them. It also improves the family’s capacity, on the whole, to adjust to new circumstances.


  • Positively impacts the academic achievement of kids

When you help your children with their homework or even opt to read out their favorite stories to them, it presents them with a positive, academically-oriented atmosphere. It not only offers you an excellent chance to spend quality time with your kids but also makes them feel confident approaching the parents with their homework questions. We, at Gurukul The School, have seen that when parents take an active interest in the academic development of their kids, it naturally drives the children to do well in school.


  • Taking Some Quality Time Out for Your Kids: 5 Easy Ways
  • Make a unique ritual for you and your kid that you may perform every day. For instance, you can allow your kid to choose and read one story with you every night.
  • When feasible, prepare and enjoy meals with your children. If you’re short on time, search for simple meals that need minimal preparation, or grab a nutritious snack like an apple and sit for a few minutes to talk with your kid.
  • Plan out a tracking trip or a small picnic once every month or whenever you get time where you can have one-to-one conversations with your little ones and provide them the opportunity to pour their heart out to you.
  • Play with your kid, even if it’s just in the bath or outdoors. Even a small amount of quality time spent with your kids can contribute to creating a good outcome!
  • It isn’t essential to plan costly vacations to spend time with your kids. The crucial thing is that you are all together. This may be anything from a simple bike ride to playing games or bringing them to parks.

Summing Up

At Gurukul The School, one of the best school in ghaziabad, we firmly believe that one of the most valuable gifts that you, as parents, can offer your kids is your time and attention. So, no matter how busy you are, remember to embrace your children and tell them you love them; you will be surprised at how much difference these gestures make in the long run!

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