Interaction is the Key to Raising the Effectiveness of Remote Learning


With the pandemic ruling every corner of the world, we have adapted our lives to the new normal to push the COVID contaminations over the edge. However, there’s no denying that the outbreak of this pandemic has significantly impacted every aspect of our lives. It has not only restricted our movement but also has changed the ways we used to live.

For children, the changes have been dramatic. With no regular classes at schools and no outdoor playing times, kids are now getting adapted to the latest means of education, i.e., remote learning.  But having said that, if you are feeling uncertain about the learning levels of your kid through remotelearning, you surely have every reason to feel that way. None of us has ever been forced to experience such an unusual mode of learning in our lives before.  After all, education attainment for children has always meant going to school and having a standard learning routine.

It is hence understandable if parents feel doubtful about this latest education process about remote learning. However, we, at Gurukul The School, a renowned school in Ghaziabad, would like to assure our entire parent fraternity out there that even though the journey has been through a different path, the outcomes would remain as good as ever. While remote learning is way different from classroom education, regular teacher-student interaction during the sessions is one thing that has been keeping the interest of the kids intact. On that note, here are some of the ways in which we believe interaction works as the key element in raising the effectiveness of remote learning classes.

Interaction helps grab student attention

A plain online class where the teacher seldom asks questions or involves the children with the lessons can never be a suitable replacement for a classroom environment. After all, it is the physical presence of the teachers and the students and the environment that allows equal participation of all that makes the classroom the perfect place for learning.

At Gurukul, we believe that the purpose of remote learning classes only gets fulfilled if it offers the same flexibility, participation, and engagement for the kids as they get in the physical classrooms. When the teachers actively interact with each of the kids attending an online class, grabbing the attention of the children becomes easier. Children thus get involved in learning with much enthusiasm and energy.

Interaction helps teachers to gauge the progress of each student

When teachers engage in interactive conversations or activities with the pupils attending an online class, they get a better idea of how much the kids are learning. Asking questions or organizing subject-based quizzing sessions can be fun ways of gauging the real progress of the kids. Therefore, interaction helps the teachers understand the gaps between what they are teaching and what the children are learning.

Interactive classes make the students feel cared for

With the teachers no longer standing in front of the kids, many feel that they are not cared for. Interaction can be the way out to make the kids feel otherwise. When the teachers interact with each kid turn by turn, all students feel equally comfortable and being taken care of. This is what all our teachers at Gurukul focus on.

Ever since we at Gurukul The School started conducting regular online classes for our pupils, we have always ensured that the sessions remain as interactive as possible. Interaction is the prime aspect that has helped the students connect with the teachers sitting across the device screen. We appreciate the efforts the students, teachers, as well as the parents, are putting in to make the new arrangement effective.

Having said that, we also understand that the condition is not being equally easy for all, but the way the parents and the teachers have come forth to not let the educational journey of children suffer is truly commendable. At Gurukul, we would like to assure you that just the way we have never left any stones unturned to provide our pupils with the best learning experience, we will continue doing so with full determination in the times to come. Being one of the most prominent schools in Ghaziabad, we are constantly working to ease out the learning process for children during the pandemic and are bringing in new and innovative approaches to further improve the learning outcomes.

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