Is Good Behavior Innate or Can it Be Instilled in Kids?


Where do the kids learn those good and bad behaviors from? Are they really born with that attitude and behavioral tendency, or is it the parents’ way of raising that makes all the difference? Honestly, it is quite a perplexing question to ponder. It is said that most children are born with some kind of innate characteristics derived from their parents’ genes. And thereby, the worldly experiences, their response to cues, and the way they are raised further add up to the changes in their character and personality as they grow up.

It can be hence said that every child’s behavior is determined from a combination of his/her innate as well as learnt traits. Children inherit some traits from their parents which influence their mode of behavior; however, when they are exposed to the world, with convoluted social norms and cultures, they are shaped up into varying personalities. As such, it is pretty obvious that parental involvement always has a positive effect on shaping the behavior of children. This the reason why many parents stay concerned about their approach towards raising their children, as it can greatly influence the latter’s behavior in the later years of life. So now the question arises what the parents can do to instill good behavior in their kids?

Here, we, at Gurukul The School, regarded as the top 10 school in ghaziabad have compiled for the parents some practical strategies that would help them take a positive approach for instilling good behavior in their children.

Develop innate behaviors

Every child has something innate or so-called instinctive behavior that they inherit from their parents. Hence if you find some trait that is good in your child, make sure to cultivate it further. For instance, if you catch your child doing a selfless act by helping a peer or taking care of a pet, encourage them to do it often. This will help develop their innate behaviors as they grow up. Even innate behaviors are capable of modification to some extent, and so parents need to take responsibility to make sure that as the child grows and develops, the behavior improves for his betterment.

Appreciate the good behaviors

A positive and constructive approach is a must to instill good behavior in children. This means you need to give your child the needed attention when he/she does something good or behaves well, rather than just controlling or correcting them when they do something wrong. When a child behaves in a good way, give them positive feedback and not criticism. Even when you need to criticize them, do it thoughtfully and gently. best school in Ghaziabad Also, it is a great idea to give children rewards for their good behaviors. This will encourage and motivate them to cultivate it further. A piece of advice here would be to try and avoid materialistic rewards and go for intangible rewards like a word of appreciation, claps, and hugs. 

Teach emotional regulation

One of the best ways through which kids learn to behave well in public is through knowing how to handle their emotions appropriately. Children’s disappointments, anxieties, and frustrations can take a toll on their emotional health and can sometimes lead to unwanted or inappropriate behavior. As parents, it is necessary to teach them how to regulate their emotions and avoid potential temper tantrums. They need to acknowledge their disappointments and frustrations as a part of their life experience and should learn to cope with it.

Overall, it is obvious that a child’s innate behaviors, both good and bad, can be cultivated into socially acceptable behaviors through education, experience, and the influence of the environment. We, at Gurukul The School, one amongst the leading schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, understand this and thus always strive to help refine, transform, and reinforce good behaviors in children. best cbse schools in Ghaziabad Any patterns of abnormal behavior in children are rectified and fine-tuned into cultured behaviors. At Gurukul Crossings, we aim to foster all-inclusive learning and skill development of our young fledglings, and focus on positive behavior modification that helps shape their personality and contribute to their holistic development.

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