Key Steps to Raising Happy Kids


Who doesn’t want their children, the twinkle of their eyes, to be happy? We all do, right! However, there is a need to understand that happiness is a state of mind and never a situation or a circumstance; and parents who understand this core truth about happiness raise happy kids effortlessly. To raise kids, parents must realize the real meaning of the word happiness at first and must not confuse it with worldly possessions alone. Kids must be taught that happiness lies within, and that day to day, insignificant things, can though bring pleasure as well, it must not be equated with happiness. A little time well spent with the family members can sometimes be happier than a couple of hours spent alone at a five-star accommodation.  It all lies in perceiving happiness correctly. So here, we are sharing with you some tips you can try out to raise kids who are truly happy and are capable of perceiving the true essence of happiness. 

Teach Them the Joy of Sharing

The highest form of happiness comes from sharing and giving. Parents must hence try to make their kids understand that it is not a possession that makes a person happy; rather, it is sharing that kindles the sparks of happiness in everyone. The best would be if parents could set an example before their children by practicing sharing in front of them. You can give your child some chocolates and ask him/her to share it with others. top school of Ghaziabad Most children are fond of chocolates and do not wish to share their bounty with others. But when they experience the joy of enjoying the chocolate with others, the sense of happiness thus gained will make a permanent impression on their mind.

Relationship Building

Relationships are the pillars of our lives. When we teach our kids to establish bonds and make relationships with others, we also teach them to become social and adjustable. Social interaction is the key to the cognitive development of a child, and it offers a wider spectrum of life to the kids so that they can experience the diversity of life and learn to be happy in every situation. Human relationships always enrich the mind in various ways and open the door to happiness as well.

Focus on Efforts

Parents always wish for the best for their kids. However, sometimes they misjudge happiness with success and put enormous pressure on their kids to be successful rather than be happy. What every parent should do is to shift the focus on efforts from success. If a child is giving its best shots, success is sure to come its way sooner or later. It is important to understand that emphasizing excessively on the goals and achievements instead of focussing and appreciating the efforts may turn the kids gloomy, and hence, it is necessary that children are encouraged for their efforts and not for success alone.


Positivity is an integral part of happiness. Those who stay positive, feel happy. It is hence crucial that children are taught to stay positive regardless of the situation or the circumstances. Children should be taught the very fact that no situation, happy or sad, stay for a lifetime. Situations change over time, but the psychological orientation must remain positive every time. With a positive mind, even the hardest hours can be handled easily.

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that a happy child has the highest potential to be successful in life.  A happy child is more potent in tackling the adversities of life in the long run. It is because of this reason that we, at Gurukul, recognized as the best school in ghaziabad, always strive to maintain a friendly and positive environment at our school so that our students feel happy and motivated whenever they are with us. At Gurukul, all students have complete freedom of expression and are encouraged to speak their mind, which boosts confidence in them and allows them to stay free and happy. If parents can maintain a friendly atmosphere at home and be supportive to the kids regardless of their performance in various spheres of life, we are sure this will help to sow the seeds of happiness in their children.

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