Key Success Mantras Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids


Every parent would want their children to excel in life. No denying they leave no stone unturned in making that happen. Right from choosing the best school for their kids to providing them with the best of study resources, nutrient-rich diet, apt clothing, etc., parents always try and ensure that their kids don’t remain lacking in any respect. However, with the competition soaring high, only being good at academics isn’t going to help. The aim should be their all-round development.

Now, since children spend a significant amount of time at home, it becomes crucial that you, as parents, see to it that your child not only progresses academically but also in terms of learning crucial life skills. Having said that, we understand you might get overwhelmed trying to figure out what age-appropriate lessons you must teach your kids. Hence, to help you, we at Gurukul The School, ranked among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, have compiled a list of some vital success mantras that every parent must teach their kids. So, let’s delve in and quickly explore the success mantras shared below.

  • Making Healthy Food Choices

It might be surprising to some, but making healthy food choices is crucial to achieving success in life. Kids develop their food habits and eating patterns early in life. If you let them eat junk food too often and don’t teach them the importance of healthy eating, their health can get affected, which would eventually come in their way of achieving success in various spheres of life.

Health problems like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, tooth decay, high blood pressure, etc., can show up over time if children don’t learn to make healthy food choices from a young age. At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that kids must be physically and mentally fit to pursue any profession, which can be achieved through conscious and healthy eating choices.

  • Effective Ways to Deal with Failure

You, as parents, should make your children understand that winning and losing are part and parcel of life, and losing should not be taken to heart. No matter how well-prepared your child is, life can always throw some unexpected twists and turns. If you don’t teach your children that it is OK to lose at times and how to use that situation to grow in the future effectively, your kid can have a challenging time learning this on his/her own.

The more they learn to use failure to their advantage, the better their chances of succeeding in life. This one skill can make them mentally strong and capable of handling any adverse situation in their personal and professional life.

  • Importance of Time Management

When too many things demand your attention, you must wisely choose what first deserves your focus. The same goes for children. They must learn to prioritize tasks, plan well, and organize their time efficiently to succeed. Time management is the key to getting more done in a limited time. It also improves an individual’s productivity and competence, enabling them to focus on things that are important.

Effective time management skills can also make your children better decision-makers. You can start by letting your children make their daily routine, where they decide their study time, playtime, and time for other activities. You can always help them initially better allocate their time, but your goal should be to make them self-sufficient over time.

  • An Undying Passion for Learning

A myth some people have is that learning stops the moment children pass school or college. In reality, learning is a life-long process or activity that never stops. The moment you stop learning, your growth becomes stagnant. This is something we at Gurukul The School firmly believe in and also teach to our pupils. However, we would like to urge the parents to also promote this success mantra at home.

Children should consider learning as an enjoyable part of their growth journey. Teach your kids to always keep learning, and it doesn’t always have to be in the field of academics. They can learn better communication skills, cooking skills, money management skills, and any other skill that makes them more competent and able to manage their life well. The mantra is always to have an undying desire for learning so that they don’t stop growing.

  • Money Management Mantra

One of the most potent success mantras you can teach your children is making them understand the importance of money management. Making children aware of the consequences of wasteful spending habits and the benefits of saving money can improve their relationship with their finances. If your kids are big enough to understand the basics of investing, you should familiarize them with healthy investing habits.

Irrespective of the career one decides to pursue, money management skills will always be beneficial. Parents who teach their kids to spend wisely, save mindfully, and invest for the future have a higher chance of securing their kid’s future.


There are plenty of lessons that children need to learn, and the ones discussed above are of the highest importance. Being one of the top five schools in Ghaziabad, we at Gurukul The School strive our best to teach each of these success mantras to our students in a healthy way, but we strongly believe that the impact will be more if parents also own up the responsibility to teach the same at home. It will make the concepts more known to children, and they will be curious to learn more about it.

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