Life Skill Training is Vital for 21st Century Kids


While the scope of education remains multifold and omni-dimensional, when it comes to giving your children an edge over others, skill training is regarded as essential. Plenty of studies worldwide have unearthed the fact that with skill development, the inherent qualities of children get the best encouragement. Skill training is more like providing the kids with the right path to follow and prepping them up for the same so that reaching the goals becomes easier.  No denying the fact that for 21st-century kids, skill training is one of the vital-most elements that not only aid in their holistic development but also serve as a parameter while judging their overall growth.

At Gurukul The School, recognized as the best cbse School in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that beyond textbooks, life experiences remain one of the primary sources of learning for all of us, and especially kids. Through life skill training, children learn to take a plunge into the depth of any life experience to make it a part of their knowledge. Admittedly, it develops the analytical power of young minds by multifold and also helps in making the little ones capable of comprehending the cardinals of life. In this article today, we, at Gurukul, are sharing with you some of the reasons why we believe each child should go through proper skill training to grow into perceptive personalities.

Aids in improved personality development

For a diamond to shine brilliantly, the cuts have to be perfect. Similarly, for a child to have a promising future, the development has to be wholesome. Gone are the days when education only meant academic excellence and marks. Today, everyone looks out for those well-cut gems that spark from every direction when under a light. Life skill training aids in the holistic personality development of kids that, in turn, helps to ensure that children grow into such individuals who the world would be delighted to work with.

Enhances problem-solving skills

When a child learns from the experiences of life, it is evident that problem-solving would be an evident part of it. A life without any challenges is something only a utopian idea would hold. Life skill training introduces the kids to the difficulties and challenging situations of life that they are supposed to deal with, single-handedly. This not only enhances their level of courage to manage problems but also helps them analyze situations of varying gravity and tackle those with their presence of mind. Life skill training helps to morph children into confident people who remain undaunted by any challenge.

Promotes leadership skills

Leadership skills are best planted in childhood for the root to go deep. Life skill training helps to ensure that children learn to grow into leaders and not merely bosses. Bossing is all about making others obey you while leadership is all about setting examples so that they follow your footmarks. Life skill introduces the children to the benefits and importance of leadership in every domain and helps them to hone the allied skills of becoming a great leader in the times to come.

At Gurukul The School, we understand that just as much it is necessary for children to grow strong in academics and co-curricular arenas, it is equally important for them to be rich in life skills. Teaching life skills to kids is crucial as these skills serve as the key element that enables the growth of children into persons capable of coping with the challenges of the world. We all know how rapidly the world is changing, and to match its advancing standards, it is imperative that children today get a good grip on life skills. We believe that life skill development is more like a pillar on which the future of today’s little angels will stand tall and erect. And it is because of this reason that we, at Gurukul, always advocate on grooming our young buds on the same.

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