Open Communication between Parents & Children is Indeed Vital

Communication works for those who work at it – John Powell


Communication works for those who work at it – John Powell

All of us want to spend time with our family, friends, and near and dear ones. But if you are a parent, isn’t your first priority always your kids? It happens, and we completely understand that! After all, the relationship between parents and children is like that only. All parents love to be around their children and spend quality time with them. However, it so happens at times, especially when the children grow up and enter their teen years, that the hour-long chats get replaced with a long silence, and this brings in a lot of differences in the relationship and bonding.

Do you think such cold behavior between parents and children is acceptable? Of course not! At Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, we believe it is very much important to sit down with one another, speak about the many experiences and emotions you both are undergoing, and work towards developing a healthy and fulfilling relationship. And the very first step in this direction is to work on opening all channels of communication.

So today, let us first understand what does open communication mean and why clear, heart-to-heart conversation between parents and children is indeed vital.

What does open communication look like?

Most parents would argue that every parent communicates with their children. However, the question here is how effective that conversation is? Are your kids able to pour their heart out to you, no matter what the context is? Or do you find them hiding things from you?

It is important that you work towards maintaining open communication with your kids, wherein you as a parent can disclose just about anything under the sun to your child and vice versa. There are no barriers whatsoever in the case of open communication.

How does open communication between parents and children help?

  • There remains no scope for secrets:

While it is okay to have harmless secrets, children, who keep sensitive information away from their parents, are likely to find themselves in a spot. With open communication comes a deep friendship, which helps children to share their experiences and state of mind with parents without bearing the fear of being misread or misjudged.

  • Can look up to you for concrete advice:

A child and parent bond, which supports open communication, is a place where meaningful advice finds ground. Here, parents are always available to guide and advise children, which makes life easier for the kids.

  • Aids in better problem-solving:

Children, who stay distant from their parents, often fall in situations where they are forced to deal with problems single-handedly. Contrary to this, in relationships where parents and children communicate freely, dealing with problems becomes easy.

Through communication, many aspects of the problem come to the forefront. Parents and children can then work together to deal with the problems by coming up with outcome-oriented solutions.

  • Offers moral support to the kids:

There may arise situations wherein your child might feel lonely and out of place. They might want to be around a good friend during such times. How about you become a friend to your child in times of need? It is easier to step into the shoes of a parent but quite difficult to nurture a friendly give and take with your child. This is another area where open communication comes in handy. It is through this communication that you can offer moral support and stand strong with your child.

Open communication between children and parents is essential!

Open communication between children and parents is indeed vital. Period. However, this is not something, which can be achieved overnight. It needs work; work on the part of both parties, that is, parents and children. And the groundwork of strengthening this bond lies in heart-to-heart and regular communication.

At Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that free-willed and open communication is the foundation of a thriving and successful child-parent bond. As such, no stone must be left unturned in ensuring that all the barriers blocking your and your child’s communication get cleared out, and you two can freely pour your heart out to each other.

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