Psychological Empowerment of Kids is as Crucial as their Physical Nourishment


Psychological empowerment of children can be defined as instilling in them a sense of competence, control, and goal internalization. It can be considered as a cognitive state of multifaceted construct reflecting the different dimensions of being psychologically enabled. It is seen as a positive integrate of perceptions of personal control and a proactive approach to life. We, at Gurukul The School, believe that this psychological empowerment of children is as important as their physical development as it forms a crucial basis for decision making, forming ideologies, and enhancing personal abilities. We believe that psychological empowerment entails a comprehensive process that includes the mental, social, and emotional development of children, and also ends up indirectly affecting their physical wellbeing.

Science has long proven the intrinsic connection between physical development, and psychological welfare and enhancement, and thus, laying emphasis on only one of these aspects can never ensure the overall growth of children. In fact, the level of mental empowerment is what sets a child apart from others, and transforms him/her into an enlightened and worldly aware individual. Here’s delving deeper into the matter to gain a better understanding of the significance and need for psychological empowerment among kids.

Facilitates the ability to take learning further

It is the psychological empowerment of the kids that helps them take the learning further and actually implement it in their lives. Educational approaches like experiential learning are aimed at psychologically empowering the children in a way that they are not only able to implement the things learned from the textbooks in their lives, but also then onwards in their professional lives further down the road.

Enables children to make decisions effectively

A crucial aspect of being psychologically empowered is evident in the act of making sound and well-thought-out decisions. With enhanced cognitive abilities, children gain greater authority and control over their mental resources and are able to effectively make decisions that affect different aspects of their lives. We, like their elders, are always there to help them in the major decisions in life and also aid them in weighing the pros and cons of it, but it is also crucial to let them be empowered enough to take the first steps themselves.

Creates self-awareness and self-realization among children

A child who is psychologically empowered will have a deep sense of self-awareness and self-realization regarding his/her fortes and flaws. An important part of making their minds empowered is to help them understand their strengths and work on their weaknesses. When a child is self-aware regarding the abilities of his/her inner self, he/she won’t ever feel embarrassed about his/her flaws, and in fact, the child gets to know the importance of working on it even more.

The cultural and social implications

Psychological empowerment dictates a child’s relationships with adults and peers, and its implications do not end at how children learn, think, and develop. An empowered child is one who understands that he/she comes from a set of customs, values, and shared beliefs, but also does not disrespect or negate the beliefs, systems, and values of others. Such a child is aware enough to understand the beauty in diversity and embraces and respects it all equally. Such an individual, right from the childhood years, turns out to be the one who is appreciated and welcomed by everyone wherever he/she goes.

We, at Gurukul The School, as one of the premier educational institutions of the country and one among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, believe that a major role of ours, as the mentors and guides, lies in ensuring effective psychological empowerment of the children. The approaches adopted at our school, be it the advanced teaching methods, the emphasis on experiential learning, the practical approaches to textbook knowledge, or the audio-visual modes of learning, everything is aimed at making sure of that empowerment of our pupils. We want to see each one of our young geniuses to grow up into able, resolute, and confident individuals, who can stand out in their own light and make their mark in the world.

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