Role of Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Education


As parents, you are your kids’ first and most essential teacher. You indeed have a critical role to play in moulding your little one’s intellectual abilities, cognitive skills, social and emotional abilities, and much more. Your participation influences your child’s learning both directly and indirectly. Studies have revealed that when children get high-quality early learning and care, their short-term cognitive abilities improve, and they grow in all aspects, encompassing the social, emotional, and academic spheres.

At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that parental engagement is undoubtedly the most crucial in the learning and development of children. When parents remain actively involved in the learning process of their little ones, it not only helps the kids perform better but also supplements the teacher’s efforts.

So, in today’s article, we at Gurukul The School, one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, will shed light on the importance of parental engagement in early childhood education and how it benefits the kids in multiple ways.

  • Instills confidence in kids

We have seen that children are more confident in their approach to classroom learning when they have active support from their parents. Such kids generally remain motivated to learn new things and thus show growth in not just academics but also other arenas. This intimate connection boosts the child’s confidence and happiness.

  • Gliding into the learning process becomes easy

At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that parents can act as a catalyst in the learning process of their kids in ways that are not always obvious. In fact, talking to kids about their educational experience regularly can also make a significant impact. This is so because when parents converse regularly with the kids about their educational experience, they get to gain a better insight into their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses with respect to various subjects. They get a better understanding of their kid’s behaviour and could establish a pattern for how their child learns and practises new skills. With such active involvement, parents are able to provide their children with a level of comfort that they can’t get from anybody else.

  • Establishing a connection with teachers and classmates

In most situations, the first time a child leaves the security of home and the protective shadow of its parents is when he or she enrols in a school. It is also the parents’ first experience with allowing their kids to be apart from them, even if it is just for a short span of time. The key and distinguishing feature of any good school is the ability to facilitate this transition seamlessly. However, we, at Gurukul The School, believe that the need is to understand that even when the kids begin to go to the school, parents continue to be active facilitators in directing their child’s behaviour towards academics and others areas. And that happens when parents maintain regular contact with the teachers and encourage the kids to interact with other classmates and establish friends.


We, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, truly believe that a child who is properly stimulated or sculpted during the early years is likely to achieve better and do well in the long run. This is why parental engagement in early childhood education is indeed crucial. When parents remain involved in the educational journey of their kids, they feel more confident and capable of putting their skills to the right use. Such kids are more likely to achieve higher academic results and have a happier and more sustainable life as an adult.

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