Simple Social Etiquettes to Groom Your Child into a Well-Mannered One


Society is often the mirror that reflects the personality of each individual. Through social interactions, children learn to behave, pay respect and carry themselves appropriately. Civilizations have always depended on societies, and when it comes to shaping your child’s social etiquette or manners, social interactions can be the best teacher at any time.

At Gurukul The School, one among the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that when children interact with their peers, they get to learn a lot about how to speak with others and greet people when they meet them. After all, simple words, gestures, and mannerisms reflect the inner qualities of a person, and these qualities are best instilled in children when they learn the art of interacting socially. On that note, we, at Gurukul The School, have brought forth today some simple yet essential social etiquette that you must necessarily teach your child to help him/her grow into a well-mannered individual.

Smile is the best gift to give someone

Smile is the only language the universe understands. It is also one of the powerful modes of communication capable of breaking the ice and restoring broken connections. If you have not spoken with someone for a long time and come across him/her on the streets, a smile should be enough to bridge the gap built by long separation. No wonder smiling is a cardinal yet essential etiquette that every child should learn. Hence, do teach them to smile at people they come across regardless of their age, caste, gender, and socio-economic position. And as Mother Teresa once said, we should always meet each other with a smile because a smile is always the beginning of love.

Thank you, please, and excuse me are some etiquette essentials

A few words can express your humility in its entirety. Words like Thank You, Please, or Excuse Me show the respect you have for others. Thus, teach your child to use these words whenever applicable. Learning to speak humbly can be the first step towards becoming a modest person. Especially when your children go for parties, social gatherings, or any other huddle activity, these words will establish their etiquettes and manners distinctively. These words and phrases also constitute a part of a positive attitude, which surely is inevitable for grooming your child into a well-mannered one.

Teach table manners to your kids

Table manners constitute a primary part of social etiquette. Thus, try and teach your child the basic table manners like sitting correctly over a dinner table and using the cutlery or napery. The way your child talks and eats over a dinner table indicates the level of etiquette he/she has been taught. Not talking while chewing, not munching loudly, and talking humbly in a low voice are some cardinal rules to behave properly over a dinner table.

Interrupting in conversation is considered rude

At Gurukul The School, positioned among the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, we have seen that children often tend to feel ignored when others talk with each other, and try to jump into the conversation to snatch attention. Let them know that such intrusions are neither welcome nor right. Interrupting in others’ conversations only substantiates disrespect for others. Knowing the accurate interpretation of interrupting conversations, your child will surely restrict the urge to punctuate an ongoing discussion. With time, this will become a habit for the little one.

Social etiquette forms a crucial part of one’s character and reflects upon the values that the person has obtained from his/her family. It is thus important that you start teaching your kids the cardinals of social etiquette and manners from an early age. This will help instill humility, perseverance, respect, and other virtues that lay the foundation of good behavior.

At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that while everything surrounding a child plays a role in shaping the behavior and character of the little one, it is the parents, who being the role model for kids, impact the tender minds the most. Hence, do remain mindful of how to act, behave, or speak in front of your kids, as the same will be reflected in your kids’ behavior as well. A little focus on your child’s character development and manners can help him/her grow into an individual of great ethics, morals, and humility.

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