Simple Things to Reinforce Your Connection with Your Teen


An individual travels across the path of life through many stages. Right from the toddler days to adulthood, it remains a journey worth pursuing. While every step introduces a young mind to something new and challenging, adolescence is indeed the most challenging part. This is the time when your little one starts to crawl into adulthood. Both mental and physical changes creep in to help the child grow into an adult. Hormones play a critical role during this time.

Be it boys or girls, every child starts experiencing a new world before them. Besides physical maturation, mental maturity also sets in during adolescence, and you struggle to find that obedient little angel in your kids. Teenage is the crossroads between childhood and adulthood. Hence, it comes with a set of noteworthy changes in the behavior of the growing ones as well. And we completely understand that you, as a parent, might find it challenging to cope with such changes. However, you should never let the strong bond between you and your kid be the prey to it.

At Gurukul The School, one among the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that teenage is one of the most opportune times of a child’s growth years that every parent should cherish. As for the mood swings, sudden anger, and other characteristic challenges of adolescence, here are some ways to make your parent-child bond stronger.

Listen More, Talk Less

A lot goes through the tender mind of children when they enter into their adolescence. If you wish to get an idea of what is troubling their mind or how their thought process is getting molded, keep your ears more active than your mouth. Talking would only transfer your thoughts to them. But, listening would enlighten you on what they are thinking or have to say. The more you will listen, the better your understanding of your teen child would be and the stronger your bond with your child would grow.

Respect Their Privacy

Teenage is the time a child starts developing a sense of personal belonging. Feeling curious about what your child is watching on the internet or whom they are associating with on social media platforms is obvious. But, here comes the thumb rule.

Do not invade their privacy, or else you will risk your friendship and parental bond with your child. The best would be to make your relationship with your kid more dependable for him/her so that your kid does not find anything worth hiding from you. Encourage transparency in a relationship, and you will never risk the strength of the parent-child bond with your teen.

Take Their Individuality Positively

Adolescence is the time when the children pupate to grow into an adult. Hence, nature drives their instinct to stay a little separated from their parents to become self-reliant. Your child might not come to you seeking the solution to every problem in his/her teens like the old times. At Gurukul The School, we have noticed that plenty of parents think that their kids are becoming distant from them. But in reality, they are merely carving their own niche, which does not necessarily mean they are excluding you.

Look at the natural world, and you will have your answer. Even the birds let their chicks leave their nest when the time comes for them to learn flying. Hence, we, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, would like to suggest to you to offer your kids both freedom and discipline in equal shares to encourage them to learn the ways of living while not losing the balance between right and wrong.

From our years of experience in education and dealing with children, we know that teenage is the time when your kids need you the most, but still express this requirement the least. Hence, you have to be more perceptive and resilient in handling your teen kids. Be a friend, philosopher, and guide, and remember that your child needs your help to grow into an individual of signature qualities, attitude, and virtues and not a mere replica of you.

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