Storytelling as a Tool for Language Learning

Gurukul The School, ranked among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that stories add context to language delivery while introducing grammar and syntax to learners in the most natural way.


We are sure you would agree that one pre-requisite skill that can take an individual to new heights, both personally and professionally, is communication. For communication to be strong, clear, and precise, it is necessary that language usage, choice of words, and sentence structuring complement one another. Hence, it all boils down to command over one’s language, the acquisition of which has today become easier with the art of storytelling.

At Gurukul The School, ranked among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that stories add context to language delivery while introducing grammar and syntax to learners in the most natural way. So today, in this blog post below, we will attempt to explore various ways in which storytelling can become a powerful language-learning tool.

  • Storytelling Takes Learners on a “Contextual” Journey:

Do you know what are the two fundamentals that shape a child’s language learning abilities? It is definitely retention and comprehension, without a doubt. However, the ambit of languages is so vast that it becomes difficult for children to memorize words, become one with grammar, and eventually apply the adopted vocabulary to context-specific situations.

This is where stories act as a knight in shining armor by helping children understand exactly “which words” are to be used “where” and “how.” All this becomes possible purely because stories ride on context.

  • Storytelling Offers a Vocabulary Boost:

Irrespective of the language we decide to address, an insane volume of words form part of every language. Amidst this, if we expect children to memorize words in isolation and ultimately use them as a part of their daily conversations – this would be too much to expect out of new learners.

Here again, stories act as a breath of fresh air by exposing learners to a wide range of words, the meaning of which can be grasped by relating the same to the story’s narrative. Stories do not just add value to children’s vocabulary but also make regular usage of the same a cakewalk.

  • Storytelling Makes Room for Command Over Grammar:

We at Gurukul The School would like to remind you that discussions around learning a new language will always remain incomplete in the absence of command over grammar. You may memorize as many words as you like in any language but unless the grammar rules are clear, you will not be able to speak or converse in that language.

This is where stories come to the rescue of learners. Every story is written and told in such a manner that it plays around different tenses, grammatical structures, and grammatical forms making it easier for the ones reading or narrating the story to understand the grammar intricacies involved in that language. Hence, it is safe to state that stories are a powerful gateway into deeper language-based grammar rules.

  • Storytelling Instils the Seeds of Practice:

It is said, “Practice makes a man perfect” – a quote that holds equally true in the language-learning domain as well. Your urge to learn a new language may lead to you memorizing a string of words associated with that language while also breaking down the grammar rules. But the question is - Is this really enough?

Of course not, because language proficiency can only and only be gained with continued practice, something that storytelling makes a reality. In the case of storytelling, the learner may have to repeatedly read the story and, in some cases, go a mile extra to share his/her views and thoughts on the story. In the process, practice is ascertained, and eventually, language command is ensured.

Storytelling - A Capable Language Learning Tool

All this while, if you have been struggling to find a tool that is inexpensive and value-driven but at the same time can come in handy in making language learning a fun activity for children, you need not look beyond storytelling.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top 10 school in ghaziabad, we are proud of our early realization and adoption, which has made it possible for us to make the language curriculum one with the principles of storytelling. The best part though is that children enjoy listening to and participating in storytelling, in the process of which, they learn a new language and that too without realizing that work had to be put on their part. Storytelling is definitely the way to go!

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