Summer Hygiene Tips for Kids

image season comes with its unique weather, fruits, flowers, and other offerings. However, in the Indian subcontinent, the sultry summers are known for high temperatures and scorching heat. Though the schools are currently closed for a while, and children aren’t going out owing to the lockdown, the rise in heat can still make children feel restless. It is hence important that appropriate care is taken to help the kids stay fit and agile during the summers. So to enable the little champs to manage the rise in temperature with ease, we, at Gurukul The School, a top rating school in Ghaziabad, have brought forth some of the tips that can be of much help. Read on.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a primary requisite to keep fit in summers. And that’s because the sweat takes away a lot of liquids out of the body. It is hence important to make sure that your kids are taking in ample fluids in the form of drinking water, fruit juices, soups, etc. This will help to keep the body hydrated, and the loss of water and salt through sweating will also be replenished thereby. If you ever observe that your child is feeling weak or less energetic, you can offer a glass of salt-sugar water to rejuvenate the salt and sugar level of the body, which, in turn, will help to restore the energy levels.

Keep a check on perspiration

Irrespective of whether children are outdoors or indoors, children, being their usual selves, can’t just sit idle throughout the day. They keep jumping and running from one corner of the house to another. And though even this form of activity is essential for them, the high temperatures during summers may cause the children to have a substantial amount of perspiration. Sweat deposition that thereby occurs may cause itching or rashes on the tender skin of the little ones. Hence, try to keep the kids dry and make them take a bath at least twice a day. Also, ask them to wash hands after each of their play sessions to ensure hygiene. This will help to keep the body temperature under control and will also wash away all the germs and bacteria from the skin.

Eat ample fruits and vegetables

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is elementary to keep the body fit and fine. The seasonal fruits come with all the necessary nutrients that help in keeping the body fortified against the possible infections. Also, the summer vegetables contain a lot of water and vitamins, which keep the body hydrated and energetic. Hence, make your kid’s regular diet chart full of fruits and vegetables to ensure optimal health. Remember to wash the fruits thoroughly before eating. Keep the vegetables dipped into salt water for a while before preparing to maintain the hygiene standards.

We, at Gurukul The School, one among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, believe that staying fit and healthy should be embraced as a vital part of life rather than a forced endeavor. If all of us can become more aware of our own health, the health of our near and dear ones, and the health of our environment, we will be in a much better condition to bring a positive change in and around us. And this change starts with laying more focus on our hygiene practices.

Be it summers or winters, day or night, being aware of basic hygiene practices and religiously sticking to them is something that we all must follow. By diligently following the necessary hygiene practices, we can easily keep most of the diseases away, and good health can be ensured.

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