Teaching Kids About Setting & Respecting Boundaries


Let’s begin with a simple question – How many times a day do you try to teach your kids about the basic mannerisms and etiquette they must follow? Eat properly! Sit properly! No hitting! No use of foul language! Don’t interrupt others while talking! The list is surely pretty long. And we know that you, as their parents, leave no stone unturned in trying to teach your kids to learn and portray good behavior. You keep trying countless times to make them know what’s right and what’s wrong. But is that really enough?

At Gurukul The School, recognized among the top schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that momentary no’s aren’t of much help when the purpose is to teach kids some important life lessons. They should rather be explained the reason behind the unacceptance of their behavior. Moreover, you can push your kids not to cross the boundaries of good mannerisms while they are still young, you can’t continue doing that forever. It’s thus important that children not only learn to understand their boundaries but also remain respectful towards the boundaries of others. And for that to happen, it is very important that children recognize the needs and wants of others and also know how to express their own needs aptly.

So, how to go about it? The first step in teaching them to set and respect boundaries is to make them aware of certain basic rules, as explained below.

Basic Rules All Kids Must Be Acquainted With

  • Consent is important:

Let your child know that everybody has a complete right on their body, and that is irrespective of age. Just the way they won’t like if somebody hugs them or touches them with their permission, the same goes for others as well, and they should respect that.

  • Definition of fun can be different for different people:

Just because the child likes to write on walls because he finds it fun, he cannot be allowed to do so because others wouldn’t find that funny at all. It is important for kids to understand and absorb the fact that what might seem fun to them could be a problem for others.

  • Listening carefully to what others have to say is crucial:

Being all ears when somebody is saying something or asking to do something is very important. It is not only a way of showing respect to others but is also necessary for understanding the boundaries.

How to Help Kids Get Comfortable with Boundaries?

  • Don’t Expect, Rather Practice

It won’t be right to simply expect kids to know about everything. Just how we can’t expect a preschooler to understand high school level concepts, we can’t expect the kids to understand the significance of setting boundaries without you taking some conscious efforts in that direction.

  • Model Appropriate Behavior

Parents are role models for kids. Period. Children take out cues from whatever you do or say and try to absorb and reflect the same kind of behavior. This is why it is important that you practice what you preach. If you want your little one to understand his boundaries and respect those of others, model the same in your behavior.

  • Discuss instances

A good way to discuss and explain the concept of boundary setting to kids is by giving them examples. It could be through stories or real-life instances, but when you explain a thing with the help of an example, it actively involves the brain in assessing the scenarios, and understanding something thus becomes easier.

At Gurukul The School, one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that boundary setting is indeed necessary to be taught to kids as it helps them understand the key difference between good–bad and acceptable–unacceptable. However, it won’t be right to expect the kids to begin practicing the same from day one. They may take time to understand why dismissing someone’s boundaries is not a good thing. So, hold your patience, be empathetic, and stand up as a role model for them, and your kids will soon follow suit.

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