The Art of Balancing Everyday Stress


As adults, we all have our own share of stress. Be it the tensions of everyday life or the pressure from our professional sphere, none of us are untouched by stress. But what about kids? Don’t they have any kind of stress in their life? They surely do!

Contrary to the belief that children are carefree as they don’t have any stress in their life, the truth is that children also have their very own stress triggers. Yes, their reasons for stress and anxiety are a lot different from adults. But it doesn’t mean that not scoring well in the exams, underperforming in that cricket match, or getting a straight no for purchasing their favorite toy are not enough reasons for them to have the feeling of stress sinking in.

The only difference is that while we adults often talk about our stress and tensions, our kids generally don’t. That’s because they are just not as expressive as adults and thus, want their parents to reach out to them and talk to them about their difficulties. And if that does not happen, stress begins to build up and may end up creating bigger troubles for them. Thus, as the mentors of young minds, we, at Gurukul The School, positioned among the best schools in Ghaziabad, would like to suggest the parents to regularly converse with your kids as it will not only help them open up about their share of stress but will also build confidence and trust in your relationship with them.

Besides, we also have a few tips for you here, which we believe will help you, as well as your kids, to balance the everyday stress that life keeps posing up.

Create a balance between work and fun

The art of stress management is all about balancing work with play. As you know, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Hence, make sure to keep space for ample activities of your child’s choice in his/her everyday schedule. It helps to remove monotony and will keep your child full of energy and vigor.

Plan chores in advance and stick to it

Planning well and sticking to the plan forms the key to getting rid of any kind of stress build-up. For instance, when you plan to focus just on math for one hour every day and stick to the plan strictly, you easily avoid any unnecessary stress from building up the day before the exam. However, it is important that the plan is made carefully, and it not only keeps track of the assignments, lessons, and other tasks to be done but also has scope to relax and unwind.

Focus on your diet and sleep

Studies have revealed that what you eat has a significant impact on your mood and energy. The same holds true for sleep as well. As such, if you eat healthily and take the right amount of sleep, it will help a lot in keeping your stress level in check. However, when we say eat healthily, we don’t mean that you stop indulging in your favorite dishes or just munch on salads and soups. The key here lies in ‘balance.’

Make way for exercise and meditation  

No matter how busy you are, always keep some time off to meditate in peace or to indulge in some physical exercises every day. It is a great way to take your mind off stress and embrace the positivity within.

At Gurukul The School, ranked among the best schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that running away from stress is logically not possible, but yes, what can be done instead is to develop stress coping skills in ourselves. So rather than ignoring the problems, take them up as a challenge and look for solutions. Identify what you should let go of and what is there that must be retained. And when you do that while following the tips in this article above, stress management won’t remain that difficult anymore. 

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