The Best Stress Buster Activities You Must Allow Your Kids to Indulge In

There was a time when stress was associated only with adults. However, with the passage of time, stress has become an inseparable part of every human’s life. Unfortunately, the same has started bearing relevance to children as well.

However, there is nothing to worry about. We at Gurukul The School, one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, would like to assure you that come what may, you can take assistance from stress buster activities to make your children feel at ease. As a responsible institute, we are doing our part. However, we would also like every parent to chip in, so that dealing with stress does not become challenging for children. So, here we are sharing a few ways that we believe are the best in this regard.

  • Physical Activity:

How many of you believe the older generations lived a far better stress-free life? Well, that’s true, and we believe so as well! But have you ever given a thought to why it is so? That’s probably because they were far more physically active than us. With tech advancement, people have slowly turned into couch potatoes, with physical activity going on the back burner.

As of date, the most vulnerable lot is that of children, who, for some reason, have been detached from sports. Owing to the same, we at Gurukul The School lay undivided attention on extra-curricular activities, which is where sports like football and cricket and activities like gymnastics, skating, and aerobics are introduced to children. The goal is to help our students develop an interest in physical activities so that tackling stress becomes easy for them.

  • Meditation:

If you practice meditation and mindfulness, you will know that this is not something we were taught back in school. We were often taught exercises to keep the body fit or take rest every time the body felt tired. However, the fact that the mind needed exercise and rest was totally ignored.

This is where change is needed. It is important that we take it upon ourselves to educate children about the importance of meditation. A fantastic stress buster, meditation is all about taking some time off from the routine and making a conscious effort to calm the kind. Prolonged practice would ensure turning to meditation every time one feels stressed.

  • Communication and Conversations:

Even though this might not seem like an activity to you, truth be told, this is one very important stress buster. If you go to see, each of our lives has become so busy that we have no time to sit down with our loved ones and have healthy conversations. Amidst this, if stressful situations start entering our life, we start feeling lonely and confused. Children being naïve, further find it difficult to deal with this blow.

Thus, we at Gurukul The School, by means of this article, would like to advice our valuable parent fraternity to ensure spending designated quality time in the company of their children every day. This helps with building a strong parent-child bond. Once this happens, children start finding parents more approachable. This means every time they find themselves in a difficult situation or under immense stress, they will rush to their parents for solace.

  • Pursuing Hobbies:

One extremely underrated solution as far as dealing with stress in children is concerned is encouraging children to pursue a hobby of their choice. Stress is a common phenomenon, something we cannot easily control. However, overthinking stressful situations is 100% in our control. All it takes is keeping your mind productively occupied.

This can be done by zeroing down on hobbies that you’d enjoy spending time around. This can be something as basic as joining an art class or opting to learn to play a musical instrument you have been longing to play for long. Such hobbies would not just add a slash of fun and excitement in your child’s life but would also ascertain that stress keeps a safe distance from your children.

Let’s Deal with Stress Smartly!

From the many conversations, we at Gurukul The School, regarded as one of the top 5 CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, have had with parents and children, there is one thing we have realized – Stress exists for various reasons, but the number one reason behind stress piling up is one’s inability to deal with stress.

That’s exactly what we have tried to address through this blog today. It is important for the readers to note that tackling stress will take time and patience. You cannot expect an overnight miracle. All you need to do is trust the process and wait for the desired outcome to show up.

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