The Crucial Role of Parents in the Development of Children


As children grow from infants to teens, and finally adults, they go through a series of developmental stages that influence every aspect of their personality, right from their social lives, their emotional well-being, to their intellectual awareness. In this journey of the continued growth of the young buds, the role of parents remains the most crucial. It is the parents who provide them with the much-needed support and encouragement and enable them to access the activities that let them master the key development tasks. After all, to children, parents are the first teachers in life and the most important figures that they look up to for both motivation and inspiration.

The proverbs like ‘the apple don’t fall far from the tree’ and ‘as the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow’ are the perfect representations of how far parents can influence children at every stage of their development. From helping them differentiate between right and wrong, to inculcating the basic manners that earn them appreciations wherever they go, parents leave their imprints on every major and minor step taken by the children. So on that note, let us take a look today at the vital and multifaceted role that parents play in the development of children.

Aiding in the physical development of children

Physical development pertains to encouraging children to be more engaged and active with their outside environment. Though it is crucial to let children exercise and play, responding to the other aspects of physical wellbeing is also equally important. At Gurukul Crossings, we have seen it time and again that when parents themselves display an active interest in physical activities, the trait is naturally passed on to the children. It makes children more watchful about maintaining their health and over wellbeing, which is intrinsically related to their psychological health as well.

Assisting children in their continued social development

The interaction of the parents with the children forms the basis of their social development. Positive social interactions with the parents teach children to be affectionate and also inculcate the feelings of compassion, consideration, and empathy among young minds. When children get the message from parents that there is nothing that can’t be solved through peaceful communication and understanding, they showcase the same kindness when they deal with others.

Supporting children in their emotional growth and development

There is no denying the fact that being social is important, but it is equally important to be emotionally sound and in sync with the inner thoughts and feelings. This connect is important for the continued development of children as it helps them become unfazed by the emotional setbacks that pose up along the path of life. Children learn about relationships, love, and emotions from their interactions with their parents. From helping children to name their feelings, to aiding them in channelizing the emotions into positive energy, there are multiple ways in which parents support the children.

Helping the young ones in their cognitive development

Parents, as the primary caregiver of the children, provide them with an environment in which they can learn and thrive. They are the driving factor in providing children with the opportunity to excel in academics and other activities that rely on the development of cognitive abilities. By offering children the basics of cognitive interaction, helping them with reading, assisting them in the development of their varied skills, and providing them with varied educational opportunities, parents always aid in expanding the cognitive development in the children.

We, at GurukulThe School, ranked among the leading CBSE schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, believe that with the multifold roles played by parents in the children’s lives, it is crucial for us, as their mentors, to be the ideal aides in taking those lessons learned by children forward. At Gurukul, we have hence created our pedagogy and learning atmosphere in such a way that along with ensuring the sound academic development of our pupils, it also serves to augment their physical development, social development, emotional growth, as well as cognitive growth. Our aim is to ensure that our children can go ahead on the path of their lives as resolute and well-rounded individuals, and all our efforts are directed towards the same.

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