The Growing Significance of Digital Literacy for Children


We are living in the age of technology. Computers and gadgets are all around us and have got closely interlinked in our lives. Be it the smartphones that almost all of us use multiple times a day, to laptops, tablets, and desktop computers that we keep working on for office work, studies, entertainment, and many other purposes – digital technology has seeped into every corner of our life. As such, having the necessary digital know-how is not only needed for adults but also children.

At Gurukul The School, regarded as one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, we believe that digital literacy is particularly important for children because just as much it is crucial to stand apace with the growing technology, it is equally vital to stay safe from the possible dangers awaiting in the digital world. What we mean to say is that while the digital world has got a lot of positives to offer, but without proper knowledge and understanding pertaining to the appropriate use of technology, the boon can turn into bane as well. Thus, to keep the dangers at bay and wisely pick up the benefits, digital literacy becomes a must for all!

What Does Digital Literacy Mean?

Digital literacy means having the knowledge to use digital gadgets to navigate websites, assess social media platforms, send and receive emails, and more. However, for the young generation kids who are going to lead their life in a more tech-oriented time, the definition of digital literacy has to be a little more elaborated. It is not just about being pro at using various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Instead, digital literacy for 21st-century kids encompasses knowledge of coding, internet safety, cyberbullying, and a lot more that enables the kids to make optimum use of the advancing digital technology while staying safe against its negative aspects.

Benefits of Digital Literacy for Kids

  • An aid in the academic journey of kids

The education arena was already gearing up to embrace the digital technologies when the Corona pandemic hit the world. As a result, moving onto the digital platforms emerged as the only viable option to keep the learning process for kids unaffected. This further accelerated the need for digital literacy for the teachers, kids, and parents alike.

And now, when all of us have seen how digital technology has aided us in the unforeseen times of Covid, it should be no surprise to see digital technology stay as a crucial element of the education world in the coming times as well. Especially when it is helping the young minds expand their knowledge horizons to all across the world without even stepping out of their homes, there is no reason to ignore the benefits and say no to embracing it.

  • Eases the path to the professional world

Whichever industry vertical your kids join in the future, there would be no escaping from the need for digital know-how. It would be hence wise to help them get on to the right path and introduce them to the basic digital understanding during the childhood years itself. This would also come to their aid whenever they would want to skill up themselves with more advanced technologies in the near future.

Moreover, the professional world also understands the importance of digital literacy as it helps raise the productivity level significantly. Thus, having knowledge of digital technologies is also going to earn them preference from employers.

  • Helps apace with the changing times

The times are changing. People today are more educated and more environmentally aware. This has also led to a conscious shift from paper-based work to more of digital work. Be it the digital transactions taking over cash transactions or e-books and kindle books gaining preference over paperback books. This is why we, at Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, firmly believe that having the necessary knowledge of digital technologies is nothing less than the need of the hour.

Digital literacy is indeed imperative for all and is particularly vital for children. With proper knowledge, they can explore the immense benefits that the digital world has to offer. However, without the necessary adeptness, they have higher chances of falling into trouble. Hence, do provide your kids with the opportunities to sharpen their digital proficiency and see how well they bloom both academically as well as professionally in the times to come.

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