The Importance of School Environment


If parents are the first teacher to a child, then it would be apt to say that teachers are their second parents. Schools play an infallible role in laying the foundation for a child’s life. The school and its staff can provide such a constructive environment that helps in the mental and psychological growth and development of young minds. Surveys have time and again displayed the effect of the school environment on students’ achievement. We, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the leading CBSE schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, understand the crucial role that the school’s environment plays in the growth of the young intellects. We have hence carved a conducive school environment that aids in the holistic development of children rather than simply pushing them to achieve excellence in academics. Here’s how we believe the learning environment in a school affects the growth of children:

Character Building and Self-Motivation

Schools can foster leadership values and self-motivation in children at the age when their minds are porous enough to absorb the most. Once the kids experience the importance of values like empathy, integrity, compassion, they live with those vales all their life. This creates the foundation of their character, shapes their beliefs, values, and their view of themselves. This self-motivation gives them confidence in the future so that they can be communicative not just about what they need but also on social issues effectively.

Expanding the Learning Horizons

We all know how children tend to lose interest in anything over a period of time. Here comes the role of a nurturing school environment, which helps to expand the horizons of the learning experience for kids by making them learn from their real-life experiences outside the classroom. At Gurukul Crossings, we regularly organize for field trips and excursions for our budding geniuses which allows our pupils to get ample exposure to different cultures, traditions, nature etc. This helps to shape their viewpoint of the world around them.

Our ‘no boredom’ approach at Gurukul The School allows our students to get engaged in a gamut of extracurricular activities, which keeps them excited and curious to experience and learn new things in life. This creates an appetite for the future in them which keeps them going and alive with excitement in life. This also helps them discover their interests which enables them to confidently shape their career at a later stage.

Acquiring Life Skills

In accordance to UNICEF’s framework for rights-based, child-friendly educational systems and schools, the teachers and staff at Gurukul The School are committed to offering such child-friendly environment in the school which allows each student at Gurukul to get groomed in an environment which is physically safe, emotionally secure, and psychologically enabling. It starts with good manners, sharing, getting along well with others, and expands to their social, emotional, cognitive and academic development. Thus, our pupils at Gurukul are not just prepared academically but are rather prepared to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow. These social skills make them ready for getting through their first job interviews and being effective with people and teams. They get equipped to deal with day to day challenges of life.

Strengthening the Academics

Lastly, not the most important but definitely the most significant role of the school environment is to strengthen the academic performance of the students. Though this includes teaching them the ABCs and 123s, that alone is not sufficient to tap their maximum academic potential. Getting good grades and being effective in making a great career on the basis of good academics is recognized across the globe. Yet it is important that rather than being compared with other children, it is important that each child is appreciated for their individual efforts and skills. At Gurukul, we have carved a positive, productive learning environment, which instills in children a problem-solving approach alongside strengthening them in academics.

At Gurukul The School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, we aim to provide our young buds with not only an enriching learning environment but rather provide them with a living experience that they can cherish all through their life. At Gurukul Crossings, with our unique ‘No Bags, No Bells, No Boredom’ approach, we take pride in being able to create immense excitement for learning in our little geniuses each day and keeping them motivated to expand their learning horizons way beyond the boundaries of the classrooms, and even the school.

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