The Power of Calm Parenting


Ask any parent, and they would say their children are their greatest assets. They provide them with joy and positive memories that last a lifetime. However, they’ll also say that parenting is tough because every child is unique in their own way. They have separate personalities and habits. And this is exactly why parenting style matters!

To cope with this, it is very important that parents try and put themselves in their child’s shoes and understand what they are going through. This gives them a better perspective on how they should deal with their kids. A time-tested technique in this regard is practising calm parenting. Yes, we understand it may seem challenging in the beginning, but trust us when we say, “it works!”

In this article, we, at Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, will explain how a calm parenting style can make you a superstar parent and give your child the possibility of creating a happy, wholesome, and successful life ahead.

Why Does a Calm Parenting Style Matter?
Yes, we understand that it can be challenging to keep calm when faced with a screaming child or when your toddler has made a mess of the living room. However, finding the right balance between being strict and lenient is crucial. A calm parenting style is best for children because it gives them the space to explore, learn, and make mistakes without the fear of punishment. Here, we are putting forth some of the best results that you may very well acquire out of calm parenting:

  • Good for your child’s self-esteem: Calm parenting can be synonymously used with the term “Good Parenting”. Some of the good things that good parenting can lead to are self-esteem in your children. Self-esteem is vital for children because it affects their mental health, social skills, and academic performance.

There are many ways to help your child develop self-esteem. One way is to praise them when they do something well or are conscientious. Another way is to show them gratitude for the small things they do for you and the family. Teaching your child how to handle criticism and failure without feeling defeated is also essential. It is a surefire way to promote an optimistic mentality that inevitably leads them to have successful careers.

  • Helps create a harmonious and nourishing atmosphere: It has been seen that when parents provide the right environment for their children, they grow up well-adjusted and happy. At Gurukul The School, we believe it is vital to teaching your child about feelings in an emotionally sensitive and developmentally appropriate way, and this is where calm parenting can come to your rescue!

It helps to keep track of your emotions and avoids passing any unnecessary stress on to the kids. It is highly recommended to draw from personal experiences to better promote harmony in the family. For this balance to be achieved, you, as the parents, must be calm and mindful when dealing with your children. When you practise calm parenting, you do not react impulsively or resort to aggression when disciplining your kids.

Calm parenting is about being aware of one’s emotions and being able to control them at all times. It is also about understanding that no two children are alike and that each child needs different amounts of attention to thrive in life.

  • Lays a positive effect on mental health: Studies report that high levels of stress and anxiety at home can have ugly effects on children. When children grow up in a stressed environment, they are more likely to turn depressed and moody. However, when the parents choose to resort to calm parenting, it teaches children how to regulate their emotions healthily, thus helping them develop into emotionally intelligent adults.
  • Creates a sense of empathy in children: We have seen that parents are always looking for ways to make their children more empathetic. They want their kids to understand the feelings of others, and they want to raise children who have a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Trust us; the best way to do so is by teaching empathy through calm parenting. After all, it is you, the parents, who children look up to as their role models. So, make sure that you encourage them to understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. Remember, empathy is learned through projecting scenarios; otherwise, kids can’t learn empathy if they don’t know what it means or how it feels.

In the end, we at, Gurukul The School, recognized among the best schools in Ghaziabad, would just like to advise you to ensure that when it comes to your kids, you have to be relaxed yet firm; firm yet flexible. You’ll need to find a middle ground that best suits your kid. Once you find this balance, you will succeed at being a parent and eventually see your kids developing into wholesome individuals.

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