The Right Way to Get Over the Negative Interactions with Your Kids


“Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.”— Harvey Mackay

The way we think and behave is the way we live our lives. And nothing in this universe can ever deny the power of thinking when all the forces of the universe seem to remain aligned with the vibes of the thought process that one exerts. Be it for success in life or academic excellence; children must be taught to remain positive regardless of the adversities of life to ensure that they grow into confident, high-spirited, and positive individuals capable of mastering their own fortune. 

There’s no denying that children often follow their parents when it comes to picking up attitude and behavior. Therefore, experts suggest that more you remain positive towards your kids; the more they become positive towards their lives. However, keeping your calm all the time and managing the troublesome attitude of kids without getting vexed at any point in time seems to be much of a utopian idea. However, no matter what the challenges and the circumstantial adversities are, you can at least choose to skip negative interactions.

We, at Gurukul The School, regarded as the Top School in Ghaziabad, always advise parents to keep in mind that even a single moment of negativity can impact a child’s mind profoundly. It may leave an indelible scar, which, in turn, can turn out be the sculptor of a bad temper or a person of fewer considerations that no parent would appreciate their kid to be. In this article below, we have brought forth for you some of the ways you can adopt to stay away from getting into any negative interactions with your kids. This will enable you to offer your little ones a positive vibe every time you speak with them. 

Avoid referring to the past

One mistake that almost every parent repeats is reminding the kids of their past deeds. No matter if the little one has achieved something in present or has done something wrong; do not compare their deeds with what they did in the past. In doing so, you would only take them back into a time that cannot be rerun. Also, their past mistakes cannot be rectified just by repeating the same time and again. Hence, dragging the kids to their past would only make them feel humiliated and grieved over something they do not have control on. To stay out of negativity, stay in the present time and never go back to dig up the old skeletons.

Discuss instead of scolding

If there is an issue that needs addressing, you must concentrate on finding amicable ways to discuss with your child instead of displaying your fiery temper for every mistake. The idea is to make the child realize that he/she has made a mistake that must not be repeated and not to make the child mortified. Psychologists say that discussions can go a long way where scolding and rough behavior can only spread negativity, turning the child more unsociable and aggressive in the future.

Do not impose, rather focus on guiding

Impositions can be a primary source of negativity for every child. At Gurukul, we believe that any task done following free will always bears better results than those done with an unwilling heart and under pressure. If you want your kids to learn something, guide them to realize the importance of it and plug them to a routine that would help them get acquainted with the same. However, imposing a practice forcefully will only push the kids further away from you.

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that for every child to grow into a positive person, it is important that they are provided with the right kind of atmosphere to grow in. And for that to happen, it is essential that focus is laid on maintaining positivity around them. If we can imbibe positivity into the entire process of learning and growth, the path to the holistic development of kids becomes smooth and clear.

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