Tips to Enhance Multiple Intelligence in Children


What do you think is the measure of a person’s intelligence, or more specifically, that of a child? Yes, we know when it comes to evaluating children’s intelligence, many measure it through academic success. However, what if we tell you there’s more to measure for accurate results!

According to Howard Gardner, a renowned psychologist, every individual possesses various levels and kinds of intelligence, like bodily-kinaesthetic, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, etc. Howard believed people have unique strengths and talents that can be effectively utilized to the individual’s benefit.

Thus, if you, as a parent, wish for your child to grow into a well-rounded individual capable of acing in different life areas, it is crucial that you pay attention on infusing your child with what is known as multiple intelligence. Well, you would be delighted to know that we at Gurukul The School, being one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, are already making efforts to nurture every student’s multiple intelligence. However, we firmly believe that the active participation of parents is needed for optimum results. So, if you are willing to help your kids develop multiple intelligence but aren’t aware of the right steps, consider following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Encourage Creative Play

Allowing your child to indulge in creative play is a fun and effective way to boost your kid’s spatial intelligence, imagination, and problem-solving skills. A common creative play activity is playing with building blocks, as it helps children create block structures using their imagination. Kids can start enhancing their spatial skills by trying to build a replica of a building they’ve seen.

Whenever kids engage in creative play activities, they leverage their imagination skills to come up with new scenarios, stories, angles, etc., that are crucial to continue playing. As a result, kids start thinking critically and also develop problem-solving abilities in the process. There are numerous ways to make them engage in creative plays, like dressing up with fun costumes, playing with art supplies, etc.

  • Promote Music & Dance

The easiest and the most engaging way to improve your kid’s bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence is by encouraging them to sing and dance. These activities expose children to different rhythms, beats, melodies, and music. Asking them to play any musical instrument is another excellent option.

Dancing can massively improve their bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence by enhancing their overall motor skills and coordination. If your kid is new to music, you can enroll them in a music class with a specialized music teacher. You can also get them a musical instrument of their choice so they can practice at home.

  • Read a Book to Your Kids

Even reading out a few pages every day to your kids can help improve their linguistic intelligence. When children listen to new stories, words, sentence structures, writing styles, etc., it helps improve their overall language skills. At Gurukul The School, our teachers often read books to students so they can learn something new while enjoying the same.

We recommend that every parent should read with their kids to strengthen the parent-children bond while enhancing kid’s multiple intelligence. Encourage your children to engage with the story you’re reading to them and make them predict and analyze the following sections. It will sharpen their comprehension skills and thinking abilities.

  • Provide Ample Opportunities for Social Interaction

To thrive in the present environment, every child must develop strong interpersonal intelligence. It turns out to be a great aid in attaining a clear understanding of one’s own as well as others’ emotions. When kids get plenty of opportunities to engage in social interactions, their communication skills improve massively.

To enhance social interaction, you can simply encourage your children to join group activities, play with kids in your society, attend social events, and grab any other easily available opportunity. The more kids engage in social interactions, the more capable they become in resolving conflicts with others, clearly expressing their feelings, becoming a better team leader, etc. They even become more confident while socializing, which helps them establish healthy relationships.

We understand this facet, and thus, students at Gurukul The School are often encouraged to participate in sports activities, annual function preparations, and other events as it helps them nurture multiple intelligence.


Enhancing multiple intelligence can seem complicated and a tough goal to achieve, but trust us; it is doable! When you follow the right guidance, you can get excellent results in a fairly short time. While there are numerous ways to boost multiple intelligence in kids, we at Gurukul The School, one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, would like to recommend you to start with taking small yet effective steps. If you want to foster multiple intelligence in your kids and make them capable of handling life’s challenges, start implementing the tips shared above. These are easy-to-follow steps that can generate a massive impact. With continuous implementation, you will soon witness a considerable improvement in your kid’s problem-solving abilities, creativity, communication skills, and self-aw

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