Tips to Help Your Child Prepare Well for the Exams


The very thought of preparing for important school exams likely fills the heart of children with anxiety and fear. As the days draw nearer, you will see them getting more and more nervous, anxious, and worried. It stems from the stress in their minds that faring well in these exams will decide their further course of study and future career path. We, at Gurukul the School, believe that as parents, one of the first things that you can do is to stay calm and help them to prepare well for their examination.

We have seen that, at times, parents end up worrying more than the students themselves, and then, that nervousness invariably transfers on to the students and makes them even more apprehensive. We, at Gurukul, believe that being parents, it is one of your prime responsibilities to take the stress away from your kids’ shoulders and make them calm down enough to focus on the task at hand without putting away all their energy in worrying. This is why we always advise the parents never to fret or worry before their kid’s major exams. Instead, they can try out the following tips to really help the children in their preparations for the exams:

Encourage plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest issues faced by the children as their exam draws nearer. It is crucial that children take adequate sleep before the exams in order to be more alert and healthy. We, at Gurukul, always ask the parents to pay extra attention to the sleep patterns of kids, particularly during the exam time, and let them have at least six to eight hours of sleep each day.

Try interesting study techniques

The test preparations need to be made as fun as possible for the kids to maintain their interest in the studies. Children have different ways in which they prefer to learn, including social, verbal, visual, and solitary techniques, and as parents, you need to engage them in the ways that they like the most.

Teach them time management

We have noticed that time management is one of the major problems faced by the students during their exam time. With so many things to juggle, right from homework, school, exams, to extra-curricular activities, working without a planned structure will just end up making things chaotic. So, it is important to help them set a timetable to be able to manage everything properly.

Seek out some extra help

You can always seek out some extra help for the children by introducing them to learning apps, study groups, and the likes. There are several advanced apps available at present that aids the students to revise and memorize the lessons well. Likewise, being a part of a study group with children from the same grade can also help your child discuss the problems better and come to a solution.

Monitor their progress

You can set up weekly assessments for them to map out their progress and figure out their weak areas. Make mock test papers by taking cues from previous years’ question papers and give them a time limit for completing the paper. Discuss their weaknesses and laud their strengths after evaluating their answer papers.

Remain calm and composed

Parents can easily convey their anxiousness to the children, which more often than not, tends to increase the anxiety in the young minds. No one wants their children to face issues like decreased appetite and sleeplessness, and panic as the exams approach nearer. So, keep a tone of encouragement and positivity and keep motivating your kids to give their best shot in the exams.

Motivate the kids with rewards

You will notice that children perform much better when you set targets for the preparation journey and reward each target achieved. It does not have to be something major or too expensive, and just small items like that cute pencil box, a little treat, or a new pen would suffice in keeping them happy.

Remove all distractions

We, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the Top 10 Convent Schools in Ghaziabad, understand that the highly tech dependent life in the modern landscape does not make it easy for the students to stay away from the gadgets and focus only on the studies. However, you need to discuss the matter with your child and remove all distractions like mobiles, video games, and the likes before the exams. At the most, you can allow a time of an hour each day for playing with their favorite gadgets, and nothing more than that.

It is a given fact that the exam stress comes down significantly when the preparation is adequate and satisfactory. It is hence important that along with us, the mentor, parents also come forth and help to ensurethat no stones are left unturned in their exam preparations. Our dedicated teachers always devotedly help the students whenever they face any doubts or worries about any subject, or about the preparations, in general. We believe that with the dedicated efforts from children and thorough support from us, the teachers and the parents, no exam remains too tough for our budding geniuses.

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