Unleash the Power of Indulging in Parent-Child Playtime


If there’s something that children are always ready for, that’s definitely playing. No matter how tired the little ones are, you offer them some good play activity, and their little faces will lit up again with jest and glee. But are you aware of the fact that playing with your children for at least 10-15 minutes is also an excellent way to know your children and bond with them better! When you play with your kids, it works to enable your kids to connect strongly with you on an emotional level. Thus, when parents indulge in playing with their children, it paves the path to their mental, social, and physical growth. 

On that note, we, at Gurukul The School, regarded as the best private school in Ghaziabad, will shed light in this article today on how you can unleash the power of that valuable playtime you spend with your little ones and how it benefits the kids a lot.  

Lays the path to behavior modification

Whenever you play with your kids, listen to them carefully and also make conversations with them. It could be about anything related to them, their friends, the school, the playground, etc. It will help you understand your child and his/her emotions better. Also, observe their gesture towards their fellow mates and their surroundings. If you find any bad habits or mischievous acts, try to get to the reason behind it in a playful manner. Then calmly handle that with a bit of talk with your kids. This will not only help the little ones realize their mistakes but also aid them to grow with a positive outlook. 

Serves as a good way to ensure ample physical activity for the kids

Playing outdoor games like cricket, football, or badminton with your kids is a great way to increase the activity level of your kids. It not only helps ensure good physical growth of children but also enables you to gain an insight into their passion in that particular field. 

An avenue to impart essential life lessons in a playful manner

There’s no denying that kids get influenced the most by their parents. And no matter how much you believe that your kids don’t listen to you, the fact is that they do! Haven’t you ever noticed that your kids turn up with the same dialogue you said to them a few hours or a few days later? That’s because their ears are always open to you, whether they react to your words at that moment or not. You have to take advantage of just that to impart to them some crucial life lessons. 

Whenever they play block games, tell them how the little steps make them meet a big goal. While playing football with them, let them know about the value of setting goals in life. When you play cricket with them, you can teach them the power of teamwork, patience, and endurance. Teaching life lessons while playing with your kids is the easiest possible way to prepare them for their life ahead.  


Donna Marie once said, “Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure of a lifetime.” How true is that! After all, it is the happy memories that we all wish to cherish for life. And when we talk about children, what can make them happier than the fun-filled playtime they spend with their parents! So why not use this playtime to bond a little better with your little munchkins, understand them a little more, and put in a little more effort to ensure their overall cognitive and physical health? 

At Gurukul The School, a renowned private school in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that playtime is indeed the best way to deliver to the kids some of the most crucial lessons in life. Hence, understand the power of playtime and make optimal use of those fun-filled moments you spend with your children.

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