What Does Your Child Want from You?


It is commonly said that when a child is born, a parent is born as well. Children are the most precious things for any parent, and the parents, too, are the pillar of existence for the kids. Hence, the relationship between a parent and a child can be best defined as mutually enriching and exhaustive. Guiding your kid in the right way and responding to the requirements of the little angel at your home are the two most critical aspects of being a good parent.

This is particularly important owing to the socio-economic dimensions that have changed drastically over the last few years. Most of the families today have assumed nuclear size, drifting from the joint family structures. This has made children feel lonelier and without companions. As such, parents are the only ones from whom the kids expect love, friendship, and company.

However, to strengthen the bond between you and your child, you need to understand their requirements well. The perfect amalgamation of a child’s requirements and a parent’s understanding of the same can make the parent-child relationship a blessing for both. Several studies have led the researchers to the inference that children look forward to fulfilling some of the basic and individual-specific needs from their parents. And no, it’s not about the toys or money, it is far beyond that. So here, we, at Gurukul The School, have brought forth for you a brief of what your child might be looking for from you. Read on to explore.


The foundation of any relationship is love, and when it is the bond between the child and the parents, love defines the very soul of it. A child always looks for unconditional love from its parents. Do not put conditions like completion of a project or achieving success in a competition before you show your love to your children. Express your love anytime, anywhere and regardless of any other parameters like success, achievements, etc., to make your child feel cared for and loved.

Quality Time

As a young mind grows up, it also longs for a touch of friendship from their parents. The busy lifestyle of today makes it a little tough for most parents to spend time with their children, which often makes the children feel lonesome. The presence and affection of parents is sometimes the only thing a child might crave for. Hence, make sure that no matter how occupied you are, you take out quality time for your child and spend some happy hours together.  

Emotional Assistance

Rowing through the high tides of life, children completely depend on their parents for emotional shelter. Be it a problem with friends, social peers, or school; parents are the ones that every child runs to. When your little one intends to tell you something, express much eagerness and listen to them attentively. Your attention and involvement can make a lot of difference in the way your child feels.


No matter how others may have encouraged your child on his/her success, a few words of appreciation from the parents always count more. A pat on the back or a simple “proud of you” statement can be magical for your child. Even if your child has failed to perform optimally, your words of encouragement can brighten up the ray of hope in him/her.

We, at Gurukul The School, a top rating school in Ghaziabad, firmly believe that the depth of the parent-child relationship poses a major impact on the overall growth and development of children. When children can express their thoughts and feelings without any restrictions with their parents, they grow up to be more confident and self-assured. Children have a soft heart and delicate psychology, which makes it important for the parents to think before they respond or react to their children for anything. While positive and cheerful conversations with kids can act as the propelling force for your child’s next step, the negative, frustration-infused conversations can hamper your little one’s psychological development, turning him/her into a negative individual. We, at Gurukul, hence appeal to the parents to not let a toy or some money replace your worth in your child’s life. You are irreplaceable for your little one. Deal with their tender minds with diligence, make them feel loved and cared, and see how well these tiny buds bloom into the most beautiful flowers.

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