Yoga, Kids, and the Associated Myths

Gurukul The School, a renowned school in Ghaziabad, believe that much of this resistance is owing to the widespread myths circulated around yoga for kids


As modern-day education has shifted the focus from academic excellence to holistic education/growth, the kid’s fitness aspect has garnered the most highlight. While there are numerous ways to keep kids healthy and fit, there is a growing interest in yoga. This ancient practice seeks to empower individuals and strengthen their bodies by improving their balance, body awareness, focus, flexibility, spatial awareness, stress reduction, etc.

However, it has been noticed that despite being a treasure trove of physical, emotional, and mental benefits, some parents are still skeptical of introducing their kids to yoga. We at Gurukul The School, a renowned schools in Ghaziabad, believe that much of this resistance is owing to the widespread myths circulated around yoga for kids. As yoga gained popularity among people of all ages worldwide, it also resulted in the spreading of certain persistent myths and misconceptions.

So, to help kids benefit from the various yoga practices, we thought of debunking all the common myths associated with yoga through this blog post today. We hope this post will help you gain more clarity about the benefits of yoga for your children so that you encourage them to make yoga a part of their life.

Myth 1 – Kids Cannot Do Yoga Because It’s Too Advanced

Many parents believe that yoga is too complex or advanced for kids. In reality, it is a highly accessible practice for people of all ages. But yes, instead of sending kids to yoga classes designed for adults, start by enrolling them in kids’ yoga classes. Kids’ yoga is not a watered-down version of adult yoga, but an age-appropriate, more effective, personalized, and engaging approach.

Instead of advanced postures, kids’ yoga revolves around imaginative movements, storytelling, and playfulness while retaining all the benefits of traditional yoga practices. Kids can start their fitness journey with yoga and eventually move to an advanced version with time.

Myth 2 – Yoga is Only for Relaxation, Not Physical Benefits

Another widely believed myth is that yoga is designed only for relaxation and doesn’t offer any physical health benefits. Well here, we at Gurukul The School would like to assure you that yoga does offer plenty of health benefits. Regular yoga practices can make your kids foster a deep sense of calm, peace, and relaxation while also improving their flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.

There are numerous “kids-only” yoga classes that focus specifically on bettering kids’ physical and mental well-being. You must encourage your kids to join these classes as they can help improve their muscle tone, body posture, flexibility, and much more.

We strongly recommend yoga for kids to equip themselves with the relevant skills to maintain physical well-being while balancing emotional and mental health.

Myth 3 – Kids Must be Extremely Flexible for Yoga

The viral social media posts showing people doing really complex yoga poses can make many parents feel that their kids aren’t flexible enough to perform any uploaded yoga poses. In reality, numerous kid-friendly yoga poses are simple yet equally effective as their complex counterparts.

So, do not feel discouraged. Even if your kid has been leading a sedentary lifestyle to date and doesn’t have a flexible body, they are eligible to join kid’s yoga classes. In fact, yoga can help them embrace a flexible, healthy, and better lifestyle. Yoga can be an effective tool if you want your kids to respect their bodies and develop value for gradual progress.

Myth 4 – Kids Have to Sit for Extended Hours

Some parents have a misconception that yoga requires kids to sit still for longer hours, making it unfit for kids with extremely high energy levels. This myth is farther from the truth because yoga is all about movements. Numerous yoga classes designed exclusively for kids involve dynamic and interactive practices. Instead of making kids sit still for longer periods, it makes them move, explore, and have fun.

Vibrant storytelling and imaginative plays/games take centerstage in kids’ yoga classes. You can often see them acting like a tree swaying in the breeze or other imaginative roles to keep them engaged during all movements. In fact, we at Gurukul The School firmly believe yoga is perfect for all the kids who want to explore their physical capabilities playfully and dynamically.

Myth 5 – Yoga is Boring for Kids

Another prevalent myth is that yoga is too boring for kids, an activity too uninteresting, dull, and serious. If you feel the same, a quick visit to any kids’ yoga center can debunk this myth. All kid-friendly yoga classes are far from boring. In fact, they are dynamic and filled with engaging experiences designed to captivate all young minds. Yoga is not stoic meditation or monotonous routines; it fosters a lifelong love for physical activities that keep the mind and body in their best shape.


As yoga goes popular and reaches more people, it is natural to see misconceptions float around. We at Gurukul The School, one of the best CBSE school in ghaziabad, want every kid to experience the multifaceted benefits yoga offers because we are aware of the power this ancient practice holds. The sole purpose of this blog post today was to debunk some of the commonly believed yoga myths so that parents can encourage their kids to incorporate yoga into their life without any worry.

Yoga holds the key to a healthier and more balanced overall well-being. So, why not ensure your kids benefit from it? 

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