Your Role as a Parent to Help Your Kids Grow into Their Best Selves


Every parent holds this one desire to mould their children into becoming the best versions of themselves. You may not be able to inculcate all the best habits and traits in your child overnight, but with timely reminders, you are sure to achieve success.

To that end, it is understandable that you want to get your children the best of education and extra-curricular opportunities to help them develop and grow in the right direction. However, there is no denying that your role as a parent is still irreplaceable.

This is the reason why we, at Gurukul The School, one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, work in close cooperation with parents so that they do not face any difficulty in moulding their children’s personalities for the better. And here are a few tips for you that will come in handy in helping you fulfill your role well. Read on.

  • Encourage to Explore:

We understand that as a parent, you always remain concerned about your child’s safety and security. This may also lead to you accompanying your child wherever he or she is headed. You may also often take the liberty of making decisions on behalf of your children. However, do you know such actions on your part only end up raising your children’s dependency on you!

Contrary to this, if you wish for your child to imbibe wholesome habits and traits, it is necessary that you give your child a free hand and encourage him/her to explore unknown territories, experiment, and take lessons from his/her mistakes. After all, for an explorer, it becomes easier to sail through life, something which you as a parent would certainly want your child to achieve!

  • Introduce Self-Control:

You might prefer to remind your child about what is right and wrong in every situation. For instance, if your child is skipping homework to watch television, you might persuade your child to first complete his homework and then engage in activities of his choice.

Just imagine how easier it would be if your child himself prioritizes his activities and exercises self-control when it is time to engage in play or entertainment! Self-control is an important trait that parents should introduce to children early on so that children are not carried away in an unfruitful direction.

  • Help With Understanding Empathy:

Some of the biggest problems and misunderstandings in our personal and professional lives are created by assumptions. Many a time, when someone acts in a certain manner, we are quick to make assumptions and draw conclusions that we deem suitable. Amidst all this, we forget to exercise empathy.

At Gurukul The School, we firmly believe that empathy is a crucial trait that parents should help children understand so that when children move ahead in life on both personal and professional fronts, they are able to step into the opposite person’s shoes and decide better for themselves, the opposite person, and the situation as a whole. It is important to make children understand that if they want others to empathize with them, it is necessary that they display empathy towards others too.  

  • Speak About Routines:

All parents want their children to display discipline in all walks of life. However, discipline is something that requires time and practice to evolve and become a part of our lives. One of the best ways of making children more disciplined is by helping them get into their routine.

Children need to understand that there are certain activities that they should complete every day and which becomes achievable only by having a fixed routine/ timetable in place. If this habit is adopted by children early on, they will have no difficulty in practicing work-life balance when they grow up and move towards kick-starting their own start-up or join any renowned corporate.

Concluding Words:

Parents indeed have a major role to play in polishing children’s personalities to help them become the best version of themselves. However, we, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the best schools in Ghaziabad, would like to remind the parents that in the course of achieving this goal, you should avoid exercising force. Instead, choose to lead by example. Once children witness these habits and traits are bringing success to them, they will not hesitate to imbibe these best practices themselves.

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